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Whether you bank in Dallas, Houston or Tyler County, bottom line, all bank products are the same. While it's true that some institutions charge for certain services and some do not, really, the product is the same. Tyler County financial institutions offer internet banking, online bill pay, tele-banking, ACH deposits, ATM's, a host of lending products, convenient drive thru banking facilities as do metropolitan banks. Some Tyler County institutions offer brokerage services to handle client needs relating to stock, bonds, mutual funds, and annuities.

What is different about Tyler County institutions is the commitment to the success of our clients. Without focused customer service and a commitment for client success, Tyler County cannot succeed. In other words, customer service is a lifestyle, not a job. Tyler County Bankers care about clients and its community after the doors are closed at the end of the day.

Another difference is that decisions can be made locally, without having to get an answer from Dallas or New York. Clients can talk with and confide in decision makers that are truly striving for client success which in turn leads to Tyler County's success.