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Regional Facts & Figures

The Bureau of Census has a variety of useful Quick Facts for each county in Texas. The Quick Fact report for Tyler county can be accessed at the following URL: Some counties maintain their own Internet sites for local information. If a county hosts its own Web site, it may be accessed through a URL with the following format Name Goes
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Other Facts of Interest

• According to the Texas Secretary of State's Office, for the November 2004 presidential election, there were 13,496 registered voters in Tyler County. The voter turnout was 7,745 representing 57.4 percent of eligible voters. The election results were 5,043 or 65.1 percent for Bush/Cheney, 2,659 or 34.3 percent for Kerry/Edwards, and 43 or 0.6 percent for all other presidential candidates. The statewide results were 61.1 percent for Bush/Cheney, 38.2 percent for Kerry/Edwards, and approximately 0.7 percent for all other candidates. See: for other topics of interest.

• Information on the three categories of child placement services from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for 2006 showed that the area had 4 foster homes, 4 foster/adoptive homes and 0 adoptive homes. The total number of licensed day care facilities were 10 with a total capacity of 331. The total number of family homes licensed for 24-hour care was 5. Link to
for further information.

• In Tyler County, there were approximately 17 crimes reported for every 1,000 persons in 1998 and 15 crimes reported in 1999 for every 1,000 persons. This compares to a statewide total of approximately 52 crimes in 1998 and 51 crimes reported for every 1,000 person in Texas. See the U.S. Dept. of Justice site: for the most recent reported data.

• The total jail capacity for public and private jails in the region was 43 as of October 1, 2006 according to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. Jail population was at 116.3 percent capacity when compared to maximum capacity. At this same time, this compared to a statewide capacity of 90.4 percent. For more detailed information, see to:

• The region had 4 commercial banks in 2004, as reported by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), with total deposits of $136,000,000 and assets of $113,724,000. The 2004 deposit to population ratio was $6,384 for the Tyler County region compared to the Texas ratio of $13,921. A ratio less than the state average generally indicates either the presence of an adjacent city or county not within the described region serving as a regional financial center, or per capita income well below the state average. These numbers do not reflect assets and deposits which are held in branch offices of banks whose headquarters are in another city or state. The most recent FDIC data for this area is at

• While all countries in Texas are served by banks, savings and loan institutions and credit unions, many counties may not show these offices directly reported in its geography by the FDIC or other governing agencies. For the period for reporting for 2004 in Tyler County, the number of saving and loans was 0 which had a total of savings and loan assets of $0 and deposits of $0 These figures are in contrast to the statewide total of 42 savings and loans, with $63,818,696 in assets and $34,547,845 in deposits. For more information, please see: There were 0 credit unions in the study area according to the National Credit Union Administration data. For 2003, the latest year of reported data, these credit unions had a total of $0 in assets and $0 in deposits, as compared to a total of 641 credit unions statewide, with $477,798,762,074 in assets and $40,749,124,993 in deposits. Credit union statistics and other information on credit unions can be found at