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The total number of public independent school districts in Tyler County
for the school year 1999-2000 was 5 according to the Texas Education Agency. The overall average daily attendance for the same year was 3,605.

Chester Independent School District
Wayne Ivey
P. O. Box 28
Chester, TX 75936

Colmesneil Independent School District
Stacy Ackley
405 Ogden St.
Colmesneil, TX 75938

Spurger Independent School District
Joe Fisher
P. O. Box 38
Spurger, TX 77660

Warren Independent School District
Mike Pate
PO Box 69
Warren, TX 77664

Fred Elementary
Chris Carter
140 CR 4650
Fred, TX 77616

Woodville Independent School District
Glen Conner
505 N. Charlton St.
Woodville, TX 75979

Enrollment: School enrollment data from the 2000 Census showed that there were 4,466 persons in the population who were 3 years of age and older and enrolled in school in the study area during the census collection period. Of this population, the following table shows a breakdown of what types of schools persons were enrolled compared to similar statewide information:

Type of School Count  Area Percent   Statewide Percent
Nursery school or preschool 191 4.3 6.6
Kindergarten 268 6.0 5.9
Elementary School
(grades 1-8)
2,266       50.7 45.5
High School
(grades 9-12)
1,250 28.0 21.9

Educational Attainment: The total number of persons 25 years of age or older who responded to the level of educational attainment during the 2000 Census was 14,433. Of those persons, the following presents a table on various levels of educational attainment for this region compared to statewide percentages:

Educational Attainment Count  Area Percent   Statewide Percent
Less than 9th Grade 1,092 7.6 11.5
9th to 12th grade,
no diploma
2,969 20.6 12.9
H.S. graduate
(inc. equiv.)
5,978 41.4 24.8
Some college,
no degree
2,626 18.2 22.4
Associate Degree 371 2.6 5.2
Bachelor's Degree 841 5.8  15.6
Graduate or
Prof. Degree
556 3.9 7.6

Another useful grouping of these statistics shows that the percent of high school graduates or higher was 71.9 percent for the area compared to 75.7 percent for Texas. Also, the percent with bachelor's degree or higher was 9.7 percent as compared to 23.2 percent for Texas.

Dropout and Attrition Rates: Information from the Texas Education Agency on student dropouts from public schools for 2004-2005 shows that 6 students, grades 7-12, dropped out of school in this study area. This represents a dropout rate of 0.33 percent as compared to a Texas statewide percentage of 0.90 percent of all students who dropped out during this period. Attrition rates are often viewed as measures of the percentage of students that begin high school but do not graduate with a diploma. It is arguably a more reasonable way to view dropouts from an economic viewpoint. One way to view educational progress in a region is to estimate the number of persons who persist to high school graduation as opposed to standard dropout statistics. Attrition rates are calculated by the Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA). IDRA conducts research and development activities; creates, implements and administers innovative education programs; and provides teacher, administrator, and parent training and technical assistance. The attrition rates for Tyler County during the period 2004-2005 by race and ethnicity were 14 percent for all students, 5 percent for Blacks, 16 percent for Whites, and 0 percent for Hispanics. In order to review the latest Secondary Schools Enrollment and Dropouts information posted on the Texas Education Agency, link to:

Angelina College
The Angelina County Junior College District ("Angelina County J.C.") located in Lufkin, 48 miles north of Woodville. Angelina County J.C. is approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Education Agency. Credits earned at Angelina County J.C. may be transferred to senior colleges throughout the state and nation. Angelina County J.C. offers senior college and university preparatory courses, standard collegiate academic courses equivalent to the freshmen and sophomore levels of work at senior colleges and universities. Courses are offered in either day or evening programs. The college has articulation agreements with other institutions to insure the transferability of university transfer courses. Angelina College offers an associate of arts degree, an associates of science degree, and an associate of applied science degree.

Angelina County J.C. offers an associate of applied science in criminal justice. The purpose of the criminal justice associate program is to prepare a student academically for direct entry into positions available in the criminal justice profession. The student may also choose to transfer to one of the many colleges and universities that offer baccalaureate and graduate programs in the field of criminal justice.

Stephen F. Austin State University
Stephen F. Austin State University ("Stephen F. Austin") located in Nacogdoches, 67 miles north of Woodville, is a comprehensive state university whose goal is to serve as an intellectual, cultural and educational source distinction. Stephen F. Austin is the fourth largest college of education in the State. Its enrollment averages over 12,000 in each regular semester and 4,500 in each summer term. It now grants 15 baccalaureate degrees and emphasizes graduate study in arts, business, education, forestry, humanities, and sciences.

Sam Houston State University
Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, 75 miles west of Woodville. The University is currently authorized to offer 77 undergraduate degree programs and 56 graduate degree programs, and the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Criminal Justice. Within the several academic divisions, faculty members total more than 350 and the enrollment averages 11,000 per semester.

The University of Texas at Tyler
The University of Texas at Tyler, two hours north of Woodville. It is a component of the University of Texas system. The University of Texas at Tyler is organized academically into four schools: School of Business Administration, School of Education and Psychology, School of Liberal Arts and School of Sciences and Mathematics.

Lamar University
Lamar University is located in Beaumont, Texas, 55 miles south of Woodville. Lamar University offers college of arts and sciences, business, education, engineering, fine arts and communication, health and behavioral sciences, technical arts and graduate studies.
The Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice prepares students for employment in a variety of criminal justice professions such as corrections, law enforcement and court administration or for further study in either law or graduate school. The Associate of Science degree in law enforcement is designed for persons desiring employment in active law enforcement.