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Do you say “Col-mes-neil” or “Col-ma-neil”?  Well, that depends on who you ask. But no matter who you ask, it’s a great little place with the big name!


Colmesneil, located 10 miles north of Woodville was once the largest city within Tyler County.  The old sawmill town was named after the first train conductor to travel through, Mr. W.T. Colmesneil.  Mr. Colmesneil’s home has been restored and is now open as the W.T. Colmesneil House Library and Museum.  The house is thought to be unusual in that it doesn’t face the street, but instead faces the back of the property…and the railroad tracks.  It is told that Mr. Colmesneil positioned it so that he could sit on the porch and watch the trains pass.  Although the train tracks were taken up by TXDOT, and the old sawmill has gone, Colmesneil is still alive.  Thriving on good ole’ country living, residents find the small town atmosphere a great place to raise families. 


 What do parents want for their kids?  A good education for one, Colmesneil School District has been recognized by the state as an exemplary school district.  Perhaps this is a result of the small classrooms providing great student/teacher ratios. Parents and citizens alike take pride in the school and extra-curricular activities, and that pride shines throughout the community.  “Go Bulldogs” signs and folks all over town wearing red on game days are just a few reflections of support for the youth.


Lake Tejas, which is owned and operated by Colmesneil ISD is a huge attraction for the youth and the elderly.  Fed by seven natural springs and equipped with low and high diving boards, a “Wet Willie Slide”, kiddie slides and more, it is a great place for families to make a splash!  Over the years, pavilions, paddle boats and campsites have been added for even more fun.


 Lake Tejas is also the location for the annual Family Fun Day, held the Saturday before July 4th weekend.  Admission is free and local organizations such as the FFA and the Volunteer Fire Dept set up booths to sell food and host games for all ages.  After a day of all the watermelon you can eat, live bands and the laughter of children as they splash in the lake, it all ends in a bang with a firework show over the lake. 


Just a hop, skip and jump away from Lake Tejas you will find several private lakes operated by Property Owner Associations.  Retirees and weekenders enjoy fishing from their back yards and the peacefulness of good ‘ole nature.  Another attraction for retirees is getting “coffee shop news” from around the table at the local store.  Old tymers are always found enjoying fellowship and reminiscing about the old days.



While some residents find employment with the school and local businesses, for those who commute to jobs in neighboring cities it is all worth it. There is something to be said for small towns, so give us a visit and let us know what you have to say.